About Abhaile

Abhaile is a service to help homeowners find a resolution to their home mortgage arrears. It provides vouchers for free financial and legal advice and help from experts, which are available through MABS.

The aim of Abhaile is to help mortgage holders in arrears to find the best solutions and keep them wherever possible, in their own homes. A dedicated adviser will work with you and your lender to find the best solution for your situation.

Do I qualify?

To qualify you must be:

- In mortgage arrears on your home
- Insolvent
- At risk of losing your home because of arrears
- Reasonably accommodated

Abhaile financial services

Abhaile provides a range of independent expert financial services; these are MABS Dedicated Mortgage Arrears Advisers, Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) and Accountants. Abhaile can provide you with a voucher for free advice and support from one of these. Subject to availability.

Abhaile legal services

Abhaile provides a number of independent expert legal services; these are Court Advisers from MABS, a Duty Solicitor Service, a Consultation Solicitor Service and a Personal Insolvency Court Review Service. Abhaile can provide you with a voucher for free advice and support from one of these. Subject to availability.

Services provided by a PIP

Financial strain can have a wide-ranging affect on the well-being of any family. If you or someone you know is in home mortgage arrears or fear you are at risk of losing your home, you may be eligible for free face-to-face financial advice from a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP) under Abhaile.

What happens if your lender takes you to court?

The prospect of having to defend yourself against your bank in court might feel incredibly overwhelming. However in some cases it can mark the beginning of a positive resolution process.

Case studies

Read case studies about people who found Abhaile helpful.

Abhaile is the State-funded service for people whose home is in mortgage arrears. It provides a range of services to help you deal with your situation, including financial advice, legal advice and insolvency advice. It is jointly coordinated and funded by the Department of Justice and Equality and the Department of Social Protection. MABS, the Insolvency Service of Ireland, the Legal Aid Board and the Citizens Information Board are working together to administer the Abhaile scheme.

Call our Helpline 0761 07 2000 , Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm. Our face-to-face service is completely free, confidential and independent, and is available in more than 60 locations nationwide