Abhaile "A Roof over You" Campaign

New Abhaile Campaign gives hope to those in mortgage arrears

The Abhaile Communications team has launched a new campaign to promote hope and encourage those struggling with long-term mortgage arrears to engage with the services provided through Abhaile.

This is a fully integrated campaign that will run for six weeks until November 10th. The campaign will run across digital; programmatic, Facebook and Youtube and traditional Out of Home (OOH); Adbox, Purchase Points, Regional commuter cards, Luas portraits, Dart cards, radio and cinema.

The concept was inspired by the real-life stories that we hear from the professionals working under the Abhaile Scheme. Stories like that of Tina* and her husband David*

Tina and David, like so many families in Ireland found themselves in arrears on their mortgage because of the recession. David, at the time had a good job. He was doing well and everything seemed perfect. That is until he lost his job and could no longer afford to keep up with the mortgage repayments on the family home.

They have a young a family, Molly, now aged seven and Sean, aged 10. They wanted to protect them from the harsh reality of the mortgage arrears - they wanted to ensure their kids were fed and had clothes. As a result they prioritised the limited income on making sure the basics were covered, nothing fancy, but the bare minimum. This resulted in more missed payments on the mortgage and the increased fear that they would lose their home due to repossession and be made homeless as a result.

Sound familiar?

This is just one story of many that the qualified professional advisers working under the Abhaile Scheme hear on a daily basis, and through working with these professionals, families in mortgage arrears are able to find hope and a positive resolution.

Tina and David’s story was the inspiration behind the latest Abhaile awareness campaign. It depicts the support, protection and advice available from the people working in the Abhaile scheme.

The Abhaile scheme, for the first time, coordinates a number of professional services that provide non-judgemental, professional and qualified advice to those in the deepest mortgage arrears. The objective is to ultimately keep homeowners, wherever possible, in their own homes. We ask that anyone who finds themselves in mortgage arrears on their home to engage by calling 0761 07 2000 or by droppping into any of the MABS offices across the country.

*Names and some details have been changed to protect the identity of the contributors.


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