Abhaile Case Studies

John & Mary's Story

We are parents of a primary school going child. We have been through a very difficult period in our lives. I lost my permanent teaching position due to life/health circumstances, that could happen to anyone. My husband is a tradesperson. He, like many others, depended on the construction sector for employment. This sector imploded from 2006, due to the recession. We were left with a new baby, a large house with a large mortgage, no income.

“MABS brought us from near repossession and desperation to gaining a pathway towards financial stability and keeping our family home“

John & Mary Case Study

Joan's Story

I had been struggling with my mortgage for around 4/5 years after taking a huge pay cut at work, to say I was stressed was an understatement, I couldn’t remember the last time I slept properly or was really relaxed and happy

“When I met MABS in person, even after the first meeting I felt a lot of the stress easing away“

Joan Case Study

Tom's Story

I was terrified that day I had to go to court, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I thought I was going to loose my house.

I met this lady from MABS just outside the courtroom and she explained exactly what was going to happen, even that put me more at ease.

“MABS showed complete understanding and were non-judgmental“

Tom Case Study

Orla & Dave's Story

We'd been in arrears for a good few years on both the mortgage and our credit union loan. We tried to pay a little off each to keep everyone happy but we were getting calls mostly about the mortgage. It's a vicious circle when you are trying to pay as much as you can.

“After our first meeting, where our options were explained properly to us, we came out feeling hopeful“

Orla & Dave Case Study