Abhaile Case Studies - Noleen's Story

Noleen - female

Noleen's Story

Noleen thought there was no hope, until she decided to ask for help.

As a single mum, with a part-time job and supporting her young son, Noleen expected that a court possession hearing was the beginning of the end and she was going to lose her home. She struggled to understand what the lender was sending her or get her head around the numbers. She was doing what she could, but she felt it wasn’t enough.

That has all changed and by working with a Dedicated Mortgage Arrears adviser from MABS through the Abhaile scheme, Noleen has a payment plan in place and is secure in her home again. She has hope for the future.

For me it was all over. I was in court for a repossession hearing, my home was going to be taken away from me and my son. It was game over.

Then I heard about Abhaile, they had a court mentor outside the court. She told me I could get help, for free from Abhaile through a Dedicated Mortgage Arrears Adviser. I thought it was too late and I said that, but she said I should come in for a meeting.

That’s where I met Shane, he was different. I don’t know what it was, he was the first person to really listen and care, he didn’t judge me. I ended up telling him I left school early, admitting that numbers and reading are a real problem for me. I couldn’t understand the court documents, even the letters from the bank were a struggle. I was so embarrassed.

Then Shane totally surprised me. He said he’d stay with me every step of the way and explain everything simply and as much as I needed.

One meeting and I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long, long time – hope.

My situation wasn’t brilliant. I was divorced, working part-time, I had my son living with me and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance.

On top of that I couldn’t work the numbers, so my mortgage payments had gotten into trouble. Shane started talking to the mortgage lender, for me, with my consent. He came with me to not one but 6 court dates, over 2 years. I don’t think I would have survived them without him.

He presented an Alternative Repayment Arrangement and the mortgage lender agreed and the case was struck out of court. My mortgage term has been extended, I know where I stand on paying it all back and how to do it, and me and my son are secure in our family home. It’s given me confidence back in life and back in myself.

If you’re in trouble, even if you think it’s too late, talk to Abhaile, they’re genuine and will help.

"One meeting and I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long, long time – hope."

Does this story sound familiar? We hear stories like Noleen's on a weekly basis. There is hope and it is through engagement with the professionals working with the Abhaile scheme that long-term and permanent solutions are possible.

If you have a story similar to Noleen and do not know where to turn, then turn to the free support available through Abhaile.

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