Increase your Income

Could you have more money coming in?

People sometimes get into debt because they are not receiving all the money they are entitled to. See below for information and suggestions on areas that might increase your income.


Your local tax office will advise you about credits you are entitled to according to your circumstances (see for more information).

Social Welfare 

Your local Citizens Information Centre (CIC) can help you check that you are claiming all your entitlements, whether or not you are working. You can also get information from the Citizens Information website ( or from the Department of Social Protection’s website ( 

Supplementary Welfare Payments 

These payments are administered by Community Welfare Officers who are generally based in your local Health Centre or Clinic. For some of these payments, you must meet certain conditions – your local Citizens Information Centre can tell you what these are. 


There are various legal provisions on wages, dismissal, equality and redundancy that may mean you are owed money by your employer or previous employer. For more information, contact the Citizens Information Phone Service on LoCall 0761 07 4000, or visit

Back to work schemes 

You can get information on the various schemes at your local Citizen’s Information Centre or by contacting their phone service on LoCall 0761 07 4000, or visit the Department of Social Protection’s website at

Welfare funds 

Certain large employers may have schemes in place to assist employees (or past employees) who are experiencing financial difficulty. There may also be local community or voluntary groups who may be able to assist. 

Rent out a room in your house 

You can earn tax-free income by letting a room in your home (Click here for more information on Revenue Website).