MABS money management education resources

All MABS money management education resources are available free of charge to learners and participants in education programmes. We believe that good money management is a life skill, and we are committed to helping everyone in society develop this skill. We take great care with the development of our resources, and ensure the greatest possible quality in the production, dissemination and delivery of our programmes.

Further information on all of our resources, and on our resource development plans, is available from

Some of our current resources include:


Yo-Yos is an online resource which aims to provide young people with the skills and resources to manage their money effectively. It is aimed at young people participating in informal learning environments of all kinds, including Youthreach, the Community Training Centres, youth organisations, clubs and schools. The website can be accessed at


EuroWatchers is a money management programme for adults at a basic education level. It is delivered by tutors in Vocational Educational Colleges (VECs). To find out if EuroWatchers is offered by your local VEC, get in touch with

This interactive website is a money management programme developed with St John of God Carmona Services. It has been designed to meet the needs of learners with intellectual disabilities, or any learner who likes to spend lots of time on particular activities. It is available free of charge visit for more information.

A Way of Life

MABS works with Traveller groups and Traveller Training Centres with this money management education programme. Further details are available from


Habits learned early last a lifetime. PennyWise is a spending diary designed by teenagers, for teenagers - an excellent way to get into the habit of recording spending! Get copies of PennyWise from