MABS' work with communities

Did you know that MABS is a community-based service? Your local MABS is managed and staffed by people from your community. That involvement in each community in Ireland gives us a unique position - we understand the issues that people are facing in different parts of the country.

Our Money Advisers at local MABS offices often work with local groups on money management education programmes. Local services decide which groups they will prioritise each year, with resources that suit the specific needs of each group. The level of activity will vary from service to service, and is dependent on the circumstances in that particular community.

We have worked with Donegal VEC to create EuroWatchers, a home budgeting programme. This programme is available as a community education initiative through most VECs in the country.

We have also worked with groups who have specific learning needs, and have developed an exciting interactive website,, with St John of God Carmona Services. This web resource is a wonderful approach to money management education for learners who like to spend lots of time engaged in different learning activities.

If you are interested in MABS' money management education work with local communities, get in touch by sending an email to