5 Tips to Make the most of your Weekly Food Shop

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5th August 2020

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Last time, we shared five tips on and generate a meal plan. Over the previous two blogs we shared tips on how to plan your shopping list and tips to save money, but what’s the next step? It’s having a plan for when you are going around the supermarket. This may come across as surprising, but the difference it can make to your shopping experience is huge.

Before you go shopping, it’s important to eat something. If you are hungry, it will affect how you shop. A full stomach will help you view food in a more practical way instead of looking at snacks and your brain thinking what you can eat now. Now off you go to the shops.

  1. Look at store brands as they are usually cheaper and usually located on the bottom shelf. Also, be conscious of the price per packet versus per kilo. For example, sugar usually comes in 1kg bags but you might have a 500g bag right beside it for a few cent less (or even more sometimes!) Don’t be caught out, especially with products you use a lot.
  2. Do a rough tally of the cost as you go along, or better still, use a calculator. Most phones have a calculator. Adding the costs as you go around ensures you don’t overspend and get no big shocks at the checkout. It also removes the urge to impulse-buy expensive items.
  3. If possible, don’t bring the kids shopping with you. Those little hands and happy faces will surely put a few extras into your shopping trolley, or they will pester you until you buy junk food. It’s not easy having to say no a million times. If you have no option but to bring the kids, allow them to have one thing, and factor this into your spending – e.g. they can have something that is €1, this both starts to teach them the value of money and also will get them thinking about what they want to spend that €1 on.
  4. Buy frozen fruit and veg. They are just as nutritious and cheaper too. They rarely go off unless you forget about them in your freezer!
  5. Use a barcode scanner or weighing scales in the supermarket if there is one available. It will show you the correct price of the item and will calculate your spending as you shop.

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