Saving on your Energy Bills: Part One

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30th September 2020

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Does the thought of an electricity or gas bill fill you with dread? Perhaps you avoid heating your home on a cold evening to save some money. We have pulled together some tips and ideas that will help you save on your fuel and electricity bills and help your money stretch a little further. Over the next few weeks we will share our top tips for energy saving, we’ve broken them down into three simple areas – everyday savers, routine checks, and longer-term investments.

Week one we’re going to take a look at habits and best practice that you can develop every day to help you make some immediate savings.

In the kitchen

Around the house

These are just a few ideas, tips and lifehacks that will have a positive impact on reducing the cost of running your home. The best thing is that you can start them today. Do you have any ideas to share, or great ideas to help reduce energy consumption? Head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages to share.

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