Mortgage arrears

Abhaile - Free Mortgage Arrears Support

Abhaile is a service to help homeowners find a resolution to their home mortgage arrears. It provides vouchers for free financial and legal advice and help from experts, which are available through MABS.

The aim of Abhaile is to help mortgage holders in arrears to find the best solutions and keep them, wherever possible, in their own homes. A dedicated adviser will work with you and your lender to find the best solution for your situation.

If you are in home mortgage arrears, Abhaile can help you in a number of different ways. Panels of qualified and regulated financial and legal professionals have been set up. You can choose someone from these panels to give you the advice you need.

Find out more about Abhaile.

For more information, contact the MABS Helpline on 0761 07 2000, Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm.

MABS Dedicated Mortgage Arrears Service

If you’re in mortgage arrears and in danger of losing your home, we now have a Dedicated Mortgage Arrears Service available throughout the country to offer you mortgage debt advice and support, and refer you to other free professional services.

No matter what your situation is, we’ll help you work out the next steps. Take control of what happens next.

To make an appointment with a Dedicated Mortgage Arrears Adviser, call the Helpline at 0761 07 2000.

Court Mentor Service

If you are attending a repossession hearing in the Circuit Court, MABS now has a Court Mentor who will be present and able to tell you what is happening in the Court, what other supports are available to you and, if you wish, refer you to the local MABS for support with your mortgage arrears case.

Call the MABS Helpline 0761 07 2000 to find out who will be there from MABS on the day or look out for the MABS staff at the Court.