Debt Relief Notice: Step 3

Filling out the Statement of Affairs

The Statement of Affairs is a list of your income, expenditure, assets and debts that you must complete and return to the Approved Intermediary assigned to you before they can begin the application process.

  1. Download the Statement of Affairs (pdf)
  2. Read the introduction to the Statement of Affairs to make sure you understand the process. It is an important legal document in applying for a Debt Relief Notice.
  3. The document checklist starts on page 5. This has all the information you will need before you begin, although not all of the items will be relevant to your statement. If there are documents or terms in the list that are not clear to you, make sure to check the glossary.
  4. You will need to request information from your creditors, from store card providers to utility companies and local authorities. Starting on page 12, there are sample letters provided to guide you through the information you will need
  5. The Statement of Affairs form begins on page 16 which is broken up into a number of sections covering different areas. Remember that the figures are monthly.

Take your time with the form, don’t expect to finish it in one go.


To calculate monthly figures, multiply weekly figures by 52 and divide by 12

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