Below are some testimonials of people who found MABS helpful.

Getting back on track

"I just want to thank you again for all you have done and it makes a huge difference to my life."

"My Approved Intermediary phoned me on Friday to tell me the good news that my debts were cleared. I’m still in shock. The pressure is off. I can live now without worrying about the next phone call or the post that comes through my door. I owe my freedom and peace of mind to MABS."

"Just a short note to thank you very much for all the help you have us with regards to our debts. We were at the stage of hopelessness when we were given your name by the St. Vincent de Paul.

There was a lot of hard work done by your organisation and I am delighted to say that we are no longer afraid to open the door of our house anymore.

We are following the budget you made for us and it is working out great and soon we might be able to start saving a small amount.

We have never had our accounts so well organised and are planning to stay this way for the future.

Once again thank you very much for the help it is greatly appreciated. There should be more branches like yours in every area for people like myself to get the help I got from you. I think if there were more branches of your organisation people would not have to go to illegal moneylenders, to top up loans to pay debts. They would see another way out.

Thanks again"

"Very relieved and optimistic for the future. Wonderful help from the Approved Intermediary. I am so grateful."

"Organisations like the ISI (Insolvency Service of Ireland) are there to help you. Throughout it all, my PIP (Personal Insolvency Practitioner) supported me and helped me to work through it. Finally, I can look forward to my future."

"When we first heard about meeting our PIP (Personal Insolvency Practitioner), we thought we’d be meeting a fella in a suit who would judge us. But he talked to us like two human beings. If you're in any way like we were, don’t be afraid to look for the help. It's so much better than facing it alone."

"Our PIP (Personal Insolvency Practitioner) was like a guardian angel to us. I just wish I had heard about her years ago. All I would say is don’t let it go on another year, deal with it now. If you don’t meet the right PIP, keep searching. And after 7 long years, we’re now able to get our life back."

"Ten years ago I had no mortgage. Now I have one. I’ve no debts now, just the normal bills and a mortgage on our family home. To be honest, I put this all down to our PIP (Personal Insolvency Practitioner). I had been speaking to the bank for 3 years. After talking to our PIP for just half an hour, he was able to fix it, it was going to be sorted. You would think “What’s the catch?” but there is no catch. We are now out of debt. And speaking to the PIP was the answer. I would encourage anybody in a similar circumstance to do the same."

"In 5 years, I will be debt free. There are no more phone calls, letters or worries about knocks to the door. This is a new beginning. I would highly recommend getting in touch with a PIP (Personal Insolvency Practitioner). Mine was totally reliable and it was no problem meeting him at any time."

"All I’d say is, if you’re struggling with debt, take a deep breath and get in touch with those who can help. Debt should never become a worry and if it is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

"MABS brought us from near repossession and desperation to gaining a pathway towards financial stability and keeping our family home. We could never find the words to thank MABS enough for their support and guidance We would highly recommend and encourage anyone with any or a similar difficult situation to get in touch with MABS."

"After 3 meetings with MABS, and thanks to all their amazing work, the building society restructured my mortgage, and offered me monthly payments that I could afford, I have been paying the new amounts now for the last 2 months and can’t believe that I am now sleeping the complete night and even have money in my pocket."
"I really can’t thank MABS enough for their amazing work, they are professional and compassionate and they do an amazing job."

"I am writing to you to thank you for looking out for me that day in court in Dec 2015, I came out of that courtroom with not one bit of light left in me, and some how you seen that I was in destressed.
You came over and comforted me and got me in to MABS and now it's all sorted thanks to you and your colleague.
All I can say you’re an absolute angel for putting my life back on the right path. Again thank you."

"In a time of deep despair, my MABS money adviser helped me – and by extension my young family – to overcome the obstacles that presented themselves. In direct contrast to the behaviour of the callous financial institutions, her empathy, understanding and kindness should make your organisation proud. She set-out a plan that has helped me reach this stage, and her thorough professionalism was intertwined with compassion as she helped me to convince myself that I was not the criminal the financial institutions made me feel like."

Using MABS.ie

"I always refer to this site when things are just about to get out of hand financially. I always get very good tips from it on how to manage my money a lot better. We're married with three small children and a huge mortgage, as well as a few other bills that I'd rather not have."