Who we can help

If you have problem debt, or if you feel like your debts are in danger of becoming a problem, then MABS can help you.

MABS has over twenty years of experience helping people with all kinds of problem debt. Our money advisers work with clients with a wide range of personal debts, including:

In addition, many of our clients have more than one type of debt. We look at each client's situation as a whole and seek to find solutions that provide the best possible outcome for that client.

If you have problem debt, or if you are worried that your debt may become a problem, contact MABS today. Your first step is to call our Helpline on 0761 07 2000 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm).

You can find out more about what MABS does for people in debt on our webpage, 'How we help'.

You can see some examples of how MABS can help in our case studies, or you can read some testimonials from our clients.