COVID-19 - Government Announces Pandemic Unemployment Payment

Government Announces Income Supports For People Who Have Lost Their Jobs As A Result of COVID-19

Updated 09:27 | 16th March 2020

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) has announced new COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

This new payment will be available to all employees and the self-employed who have lost employment due to a downturn in economic activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The payment has a simple one–page application form and will be paid for a period of 6 weeks at a flat rate payment of €203 per week for jobseekers. It is designed to quickly deliver a social welfare payment to people who are unemployed as a result of the pandemic and give income security during this 6-week period.

You can get the application form on (pdf).

If your employer reduces your hours to 3 days or less per week from your normal full-time hours, you can apply for a payment called Short Time Work Support which is a form of Jobseeker’s Benefit.

Find out more about your employment rights during the COVID-19 restrictions.


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