Campaign launched to improve safeguarding of adults who may be vulnerable

June 2017

This month the National Safeguarding Committee (NSC) is running a national public awareness campaign to improve safeguarding of adults who may be vulnerable. MABS is proud to be involved with the important work of the NSC.

The aim is to stimulate the public, and anyone in a caring role, to think about actions such as quietly taking some money to cover care expenses, over medicating a person to calm them, locking an older person into a room while out – to highlight that such acts are abuses of people’s liberties and rights.

The National Safeguarding Committee (NSC) brings together key players across public services, legal and financial services, the health and social care professions, regulatory authorities and NGOs representing older people, people with disabilities and carers.

It has one core objective – to ensure that adults who may be vulnerable are safeguarded.

Vulnerable adults include people living with dementia, mental health problems, physical disability or intellectual disability.

Safeguarding means protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect.

A dedicated support number has been established by the HSE National Safeguarding Office at (061) 461 358 which the public can call during the campaign (within work hours) for advice and to get signposted to the most appropriate public services.

The National Safeguarding Office is based in Limerick and works with nine HSE safeguarding teams across the country.

The NSC would encourage members of the public to find out more about safeguarding and this campaign – and to report any suspected cases of adult abuse or neglect to the National Safeguarding Teams in the HSE.

More information at - Promoting the rights of adults who may be vulnerable.