Glossary: J

This section explains terms you might have seen in other parts of this site or in communication you have received from creditors.

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Joint Account
Definition: Joint Account

A bank account held by more than one person, usually by a married couple or by partners who live at the same address. On the death of one person, the other is automatically entitled to the balance of the account

Joint and Several Liability
Definition: Joint and Several Liability

Where each person in a joint loan is equally responsible for repayment of the loan, but also individually (or “severally”) liable for repayment of the full amount. A creditor can choose to enforce the loan against one or both debtors; however this is normally only done if one debtor cannot be found. Most loans in a joint name have this feature.

Definition: Judgment

A court order obtained by creditors against you in respect of debts outstanding.

Jurisdiction of Courts
Definition: Jurisdiction of Courts

The location of a court (and the area it oversees) and/or what types of cases a court may hear. For more information, see the Citizens Information page on the Courts System.