MABS Family Meal Planners

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Planning out what your family is going to eat each week can be a challenge. Making a plan and creating a shopping list can help with household budgeting. It can also help to reduce waste, which is both good on your pocket and the environment. Did you know that each year, Irish families throw up to 117kg of food away? That’s equivalent of throwing up to €1,000 straight in the bin!

MABS is here to help

Each Thursday we will share a 5-day family menu covering Monday to Friday. We’ll pull together suggested breakfast, lunch and dinner plans to satisfy all types of households. The plans are easily adaptable for dietary requirements like vegetarians. These delicious suggestions will be taken from 101 Square Meals cookbook,and the Safe Food Recipe hub which are full of healthy and nutritionally balanced meals.

Simply click on image below to access the weekly menu. You can save the image on your phone and use the plan to make a shopping list of all the ingredients you need. Don't forget to check your cupboards for dry goods like herbs or spices, or your fridge or freezer for ingredients you might already have. Shopping lists are a great tool to keep you on track and help reduce waste as you only buy what you need.

Find our new Christmas Week 2020 plan here:

Find our weekly plans below:

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