Meal Planner - Christmas Week

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and perhaps special meals; some of our traditions include a full fry on Christmas morning and of course the leftover curries from the 27th onwards. We want to help you take the hassle out of trying to think of what to eat everyday over Christmas week. Planning or using a meal planner can help you cut down on food waste and reduce leftover fatigue (Day 3 of turkey sound familiar?). Not forgetting the extra money saved by preparing your meals and reducing your need to opt for takeaways!

These delicious suggestions will be taken from our 101 Square Meals cookbook (opens in new window) and the Safe Food Recipe hub (opens in new window), both of which are full of healthy and nutritionally balanced meals.Links to the recipes from Safe Food are found at the bottom of the page, you can also find some extra recipes for the likes of roast potatoes and sprouts.

Simply click on image below to access the week's menu. Save the image to your phone or sit down with a pen and paper and make out a shopping list.

MABS Christmas Week 2020 Meal Plan

Important: These recipes are based on servings for 4-6 people and are just suggestions to get you thinking about planning meals for Christmas week. This is when we can often be found eating chocolate for breakfast and dumping food that could make great leftover meals.

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Christmas Shopping List

Rather than providing a full shopping list, we’ve listed cupboard items that are long-life and can be bought in advance of your Christmas shop to help spread the cost:

pantry shopping list blog graphic

Recipe Links from Safe Food

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