Reports and submissions

Left Behind in the Cold?

Fuel Poverty, Money Management and Financial Difficulty Among Dublin 10 & 20 MABS Clients: 2013 and 2017

Download the Report (pdf).

The True Cost of Education North Cork MABS Survey 2016-2017

Download the Survey Report (pdf 12.3MB).

Central Credit Registar Submission

The Central Bank recently published a Consultation Paper on the requirements of a Central Credit Register for people with debt. MABS ndl submitted a response to this Consultation Paper.

Download the submission (pdf).

The over-indebtedness of European households: updated mapping of the situation, nature and causes, effects and initiatives for alleviating its impact

Final report

Part 1: Synthesis of findings - download part 1 (pdf).

Part 2: Country reports - download part 2 (pdf).

North Cork MABS - Education Cost Survey 2013-2014

Download the report (pdf).

Cork MABS Study - Clients' Experiences, Opinions and Satisfaction Levels

November 2013

Download the study (pdf).

A Profile of the Clients of Dublin 10 & 20 MABS

A report on the extent and nature of clients financial difficulties with a focus on utility debt

Download the report (pdf).

MABS Clients and Mortgage Arrears

A profile of MABS clients in mortgage difficulty and factors

Download the report (pdf).

Personal Insolvency Bill, 2012

A submission to the Department of Justice and Equality - September 2012

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MABS Pre-budget submissions

2015 (pdf).

2012 (pdf).

2011 (pdf).

2010 (pdf).

2009 (pdf).

Issues of Personal Finance within the Traveller Community

Download the report (pdf).

Personal Insolvency Bill - MABS Submission to the Department of Justice & Equality

Download the submission (pdf).

Education Costs Survey - August 2009 - September 2010

Download the survey (pdf).

Lifting the load - Help for people with mortgage arrears (2011)

Download the report (pdf).

Women, Debt and Health Report (Autumn 2007)

Download the report (pdf).

Do the Poor Pay More (OPEN Report May 2005)

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Social Inclusion, A MABS Perspective (March 2002)

Download the factsheet (pdf).

Fuel Poverty - a Local Perspective (Finglas MABS March 2005)

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